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Member Blogs: The rules here are different from the rest of the board; this is how it works.

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Member Blogs: The rules here are different from the rest of the board; this is how it works. Empty Member Blogs: The rules here are different from the rest of the board; this is how it works.

Post by Aisling Thu Sep 08, 2011 11:08 pm

Member Blogs is just what it sounds like: each member can, at their own discretion, create a personal blog-thread here. In format, it's still a thread, and people can still reply.
In principle, however, it's fundamentally different in these ways:

1. Double posting = totally okay. It's your own thread, you can post and update it as often as you like, no disclaimers needed.

2. Short of blatantly flaming another member or violating the forum terms of service, you can say whatever the heck you want here, as long as you keep it in YOUR OWN THREAD. This means you can:
a) cuss as much as you like, woohoo
b) talk about sexual aspects of your life, or things that may be triggering to others, without having to disclaimer the title of your thread
c) rant, rave, and blather to your heart's content, without being called off-topic

3. If a member sees somebody else's post in their personal blog thread that upsets them, and they notify me about it, even if it does not violate any rules on the forum, I will either move or delete that post, or split it into its own separate relevant thread. The blogs are the members' individual safe zones, and short of harassment and TOS violations, seriously, the rules of a given blog thread are up to the member who owns it.

4. Again, (let's repeat this, just for clarity) as long as it doesn't violate TOS, and it doesn't constitute harassment, then within your own blog I WILL NOT CENSOR OR EDIT YOU.

Other rules:

5. One blog thread per member. Multiple systems may potentially set up multiple threads, but the administration requests that they PM me (Tegid) about it to check first, just in case. I'm part of a multiple system, myself, but often as not, the events I experience daily are common experience shared by all my headmates. I know this isn't the case for all systems... so just give me a heads-up before you make additional threads on the same account, and I'll yea-or-nay it (probably yea it) as I consider appropriate.

6. Harassment is still harassment; if I see it, I'll edit or delete it and administer warning and/or penalty accordingly.

In any other board on this forum, I can, do, and will edit anybody's posts to my heart's content, full stop. I'm generally nice enough to indicate that the content has been admin-edited, but there is no requirement that I do this. I own the forum, and while I strive for democracy in its basic structure, appearance, etc. ...the rules and what constitutes a violation are still entirely up to me.
This all being said, let it be clear that I feel members deserve to have a private, individually controlled-owned-operated space to themselves, one per user who wants it. Things can be said here that go beyond controversial, maybe even range into offensive, as long as they aren't targeted in the form of harassment or TOS violations. I'll let those things be said here, and it won't qualify to me as crossing any line that oughtn't be crossed. I will even edit, move, and/or remove posts that the thread owners want removed, because each member is owner to their own thread here. If members decide to turn that into a cross-threads flame war, then there is nothing preventing me from revoking these privileges or removing this board... so understandably, I am trusting members to be sensible enough about what they say in each other's threads, while still letting them have free rein in their own threads.

Right-oh. Have at it, and try to play nice, please! ^_^


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