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Demi and Semisexual with questions for non Demi/Semis

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Demi and Semisexual with questions for non Demi/Semis Empty Demi and Semisexual with questions for non Demi/Semis

Post by Chveya Fri Jul 06, 2012 8:47 am

I just came across these terms yesterday, but I immediately felt that they matched my sexual identity very well - both my attraction to someone and even my general sex drive are completely dependent on if I'm in love with someone. I'm 18, I've had two relationships (one for 5 months and a current one just a few months shy of 2 years), so a good chunk of my life post-puberty has been as someone who's not single. That said, I have noticed that when I'm not actively dating someone, my libido and ability to be sexually interested in anyone are pretty much 0. All of the crushes I can remember are devoid of any sexual desire. And even now, where my relationship is certainly deep enough to cause sexual desire and attraction, my arousal can never occur independently of this man. I really don't ever touch myself at all (nor have I done so much in the past) without him being directly involved. It doesn't appeal to me at all. To me, this all feels like my own personal normal. I'm just now realizing that demi and semisexuality are their own unchosen orientation of sorts, so naturally I'm a bit curious about what its like to always be capable of arousal and attraction. If you are not a demi/semisexual (I know it's a bit of a long shot in this community) and are willing to help me out with this, please answer as many (or all) of these questions as you want:

Does how much you are emotionally bonded with someone affect your attraction to them at all?

Can someone that you don't even know (who is objectively incredibly attractive) arouse you to a degree similar to how aroused you were by your closest relationship partner?

Is it frustrating to have intense sexual feelings and no one you want to or can be sexual with?

How much of a role does your initial sexual attraction to someone affect your interest in becoming emotionally closer to them?

From your perspective, what is the appeal to sleeping with someone you don't know?

Do you have just as good of sex with strangers as you do with someone you love?

How do you feel about long-lasting sexual arousal that you can not relieve with a partner, or is masturbation just as good of a release?

If you stop loving someone, does your attraction to them change?

Would you be willing to do something sexual with a person you find very attractive but dislike their personality?

Thank you for helping me, if you choose to. I've always just thought of myself as plain heterosexual, but its so interesting to be exposed to all of these other approaches to sexuality and gender. Oh, and please forgive me if I misused any words or used them in a way that is offensive to any group of people - I'm new at this.


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