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grey AND demi ?

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grey AND demi ? Empty grey AND demi ?

Post by Halfling Sat May 07, 2016 6:53 am

Hey there, I don't know if anyone still goes around here anymore, but well, I'll take my chance.
I was wondering if it's correct - I mean "semantically" correct, as "a correct use of the words" - to describe as grey-demi-romantic.
By that, I would mean being demiromantic, because I don't experience romantic feelings for people I'm not close to for a long time, but also grey because it happens to be very rare for me to feel romantic attraction.. even when I've several close friends...

I read someone who said ze identify as grey and demi because when in a relationship, ze don't experience much attraction. But for me it's not inside of the relationship, it's before... I don't know if I'm understandable lol It's not an intensity scale of romantic feelings when I have them in a relationship, it's the rareness in the "demi" process.

So is "grey" the correct term to express that ?

Thanx if anyone see that and reply lol


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