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My world view, in a nutshell

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My world view, in a nutshell Empty My world view, in a nutshell

Post by Storm Sun Nov 23, 2014 6:04 pm

Morally, I can pretty much identify with any religion (think peace, love, happiness, kindness and so on). I never really understood the various divides or who's god is better (even if its actually the same one). I cant understand the wars fought in religion's name and didnt understand how you could preach peace yet justify the killing of unbelievers or some such.

At the same time as struggling with spirituality, I was struggling with accepting how different I feel from everyone around me, and accepting, what I percieve as self-destructive or useless behaviour.

Enter Buddism. First thing that attracted me was the fact that it's not really a religion. A faith yes, religion, not so much. Buddists do not worship a god or holy being. They are thankful to Budda, yes, but its not worship.

Next, its optional. There's no, if you don't do this you shalt burn in hell. No, no, no. It's simply a means or a manner in which to experience life. If you can follow the teachings then yay! If not, thats okay too. If you dont believe, thats also okay. Its so accepting. Its kind of like, if you cant follow the teachings its okay because you just arent ready yet.

Because of it's only proper belief being reincarnation, its quite open to interpretation and is kind of religion, your own way. Theoretically you could be a buddist christian or buddist hindu and so on.

Personally, I still struggle with accepting people as they are. Im naturally caring and I dont want people to get hurt. It has really helped me though. So maybe, if you are trying to find a place, just look it up. Its interesting and different.


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My world view, in a nutshell Empty Re: My world view, in a nutshell

Post by Halfling Mon Nov 24, 2014 1:09 pm

I always saw Buddism as a philosophy more than a religion. It's only purpose is - correct me if I'm wrong - to get to be a better human being and be fullfiled. Religion is, to my belief, more like a way of controlling people (well, at least it was made like that), giving them moral code (that's ok, but it doesn't involve sef-opinion, critical thinking, it's more like "obey and shut up (or go to hell)") and "health" laws (which are of no use nowadays) and lots of threats to scare the less educated people... Well, I'm totally subjective here and I speak historically (regarding christianism since I don't know much about other religions), being well aware it changed a lot (with the new book and the evolution of a "vengeful god to a loving one". But, still, I have issues with the conservatism, the narrow-mindness of religion institutions... It's a power exercised on people in need of something to believe, and well... I don't like that.
But I'm totally speaking of institutions here, not the faith in itself, that I totally respect, when it's respectful of others.

That being said, I may be wrong and my opinion isn't set in stone, if I can say that and be understood lol


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