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What IS hypo- and semi- romanticism?

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What IS hypo- and semi- romanticism? Empty What IS hypo- and semi- romanticism?

Post by noone_abandoned Fri Jul 04, 2014 2:28 pm

I am very confused as to what these terms even are. I have only just heard of them and it seems to have something to do with how often you experience a romantic attraction to someone, but I really am not sure. I looked at the definition thread but I couldn't find anything. Someone help me please?

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What IS hypo- and semi- romanticism? Empty Re: What IS hypo- and semi- romanticism?

Post by Aisling Tue Aug 25, 2015 5:01 am

Hey! Sorry for letting this thread go for so long without a reply; I'll admit it skipped my notice the last few times I've logged in. >_<

Think of it like this: "a-" orientations - aromantic and asexual - are total lacking of romantic and sexual attraction, regardless of libido or an underlying craving for romantic connectedness, and "grey" orientations are low or variable levels of those attractions.

"non-" orientations - nonsexual and nonromantic - are fundamentally lacking the "drive" or "libido" component of those orientations, regardless of whether or not you find somebody attractive or a worthy partner, and "hypo-" orientations are low or variable levels of the corresponding drives.

Demi- and sapio- orientations are a form of grey orientation where the drive for that type of relationship (romantic drive or libido) may or may not be present, but attraction is definitely absent unless a prospective partner meets certain qualifications in emotional or psychological connectedness with you.

Semi- orientations are the equivalent to this, on the non/hypo side of the spectrum: you may find somebody attractive or interesting as a partner, but unless they meet some very specific qualification for you that causes your drive for romance or sex to become active toward them, you do not have that drive at all.

For many people, attraction and drive aren't distinguishable from each other, or one just isn't as relevant to them personally, so they don't bother with the hypo, semi, non type labeling, and at least right now, outside this forum and some very old AVEN threads, you're probably not going to encounter anybody using these labels. I won't call them obsolete, but a full community definitely hasn't cropped up around them anywhere that I'm aware of. If they're relevant for you, however, feel welcome to employ them!

Let me know if you need any further clarification. Sorry again for the wait.

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