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Hello hello from a semi-content Demi

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Hello hello from a semi-content Demi Empty Hello hello from a semi-content Demi

Post by Alowishes Thu Feb 27, 2014 7:07 pm

Hello! My name is Ali and I'm actually relieved to have found a haven specifically for Demisexuals and Gray-A's. I found a link somewhere via the forums on Aven, and while I hold every respect for Aven, I have hopes this will be my true home now Smile

I'm still fairly new when it comes to self-discovery. For years and years I always considered myself hetero with practically zero interest in pursuing relationships (and thus, felt like an oddball). Hetero was also the only orientation accepted in my household while growing up and while I had a friend who was Ace I never thought to try even that on for size. Call it... spiritual self-neglect.

So last November I did some soul searching and aside from much larger issues/traumas rising from the grave, I noticed there was a specific pattern I always followed without fail... I basically only ever saw "potential partners" as simply friends, and when there was romantic attraction involved it was always more like an innocent childhood crush (more along the lines of 'I just want to huggles and snuggles you and never let go!' Rather than something like 'dayum I want that'. So, at first I thought to go with Ace of Hearts, but ran into a hell of a lot of confusion when I couldn't deny that in the only really strong relationship I was in was not only sexual, but that I did also feel attracted to him in that way. However the part I'm still struggling with is trying to go back and separate atrraction from desire to find out if I also felt desire back then, or if it was simply a product of the (absolutely poor) notion that to be loved at all I had to have sex. It's a confusing mess I've been trying to figure out Sad

Regardless, for the most part I do feel confident at this point to call myself Demi, even if my own specific hard-wiring is slighty odd considering. (The fact that given a strong emotional bond I feel sexual attraction, but it is 99% likely that sexual desire is a completely separate thing that may or may not be within my emotional capabilities)

Are there any other Demis out there who identify with what I'm describing? It would be great to know if there are others out there like me Very Happy

Well, that's enough of my self discovery blurb xD a little about me:
I recently took up snowboarding as a hobby and I LOVE it
I am 22 years old working as a toy designer on Disney brand items
Born and raised socal girl! Whitest... hispanic... socalite... ever. <3
I love to oogle over creative storytelling and characters and RP Very Happy

Happy to be here and I hope to meet lots of wonderful people and make new friends!
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Hello hello from a semi-content Demi Empty Re: Hello hello from a semi-content Demi

Post by Aisling Thu Feb 27, 2014 9:58 pm

Welcome to the DG! Here's hoping you have a superb time here.

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