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A humble request from your admins, on behalf of a very good friend in need

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A humble request from your admins, on behalf of a very good friend in need Empty A humble request from your admins, on behalf of a very good friend in need

Post by Aisling Sat Sep 01, 2012 11:37 pm

Here's the deal, folks: we have a friend who is an absolutely amazing person, and we're in a position to help her in a huge way. This is one of those rare occasions when Liking something on Facebook ACTUALLY DOES SOMETHING.

Kelly is a prospective law student with Asperger's Syndrome. For the last year-and-change, she has been taking care of her mother, who has very-early-onset Alzheimer's Disease. Kelly has already been accepted to law school, but there's no way she can afford it without a serious scholarship, and FAFSA has not been her friend.

Enter John, Kelly's long-distance boyfriend. John made a video about Kelly's predicament and posted it in a scholarship contest for potential $10,000.
After a long process, Kelly and one other person are now finalists.

What Kelly needs now is votes on the scholarship foundation's Facebook page. Up until a few minutes ago, Kelly was winning, but it looks like her opponent has pulled into the lead suddenly. At the moment of this post, Kelly is approximately 40 votes behind. The contest went through once already, but the other side cheated by purchasing votes, so the Zipcar group demanded a re-vote. This has been MONTHS in the making.

If you are willing to assist this friend, practically a sister to us, then please do the following:

Go to This Zipcar Page and hit 'like'.

Then go to This Contest Page and select 'vote' in the box below John's video about Kelly. It is the upper of the two videos on the page.

Are we, as the admins of this site, abusing our influence and ability to reach many people at once?
Yes, absolutely, and we'd do it a thousand times for Kelly. We'd give our life for this person, without hesitation or regret. If it was in our financial means to put her through school, we'd favour her education over our own; we simply don't have those resources.
We cannot express strongly enough how important it is to us that Kelly is able to go to school, or how much work she has put into this, and how much she has sacrificed for her mother (which led to her not being able to afford school). She is in the top five Best People We Have Ever Known. She deserves something really monumentally good to happen in her life, for a change.

If you have the time and energy for it, please do her, and by extension, us, this simple kindness and vote for her to win this.

The scholarship voting deadline is Noon at Eastern Time on Tuesday, 4 September 2012.

For your time and attention, you have our profound gratitude and fondness.

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