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Demisexuality: Is this normal or just me?

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Demisexuality: Is this normal or just me? Empty Demisexuality: Is this normal or just me?

Post by kiotsukatanna Wed Oct 03, 2012 1:06 pm

So, as of earlier this year, I came to the conclusion that I am a Demisexual after looking a great deal into it and finding that a lot of the characteristics fit me and explained a lot of things about myself that had confused me over the years. However, I do not personally know anyone else who is Demisexual that I can talk to and ask questions about, and so there are certain things I've discovering still that I don't know are a part of Demisexuality or whether they're just me things.

First off, I actually have a girlfriend, and while I initially thought myself bisexual, it was with her support and help that I realized that I fit demisexual better, and there have been certain things with her that have both clarified things as we've gone on and confused me.

One, I wondered if there were any other demisexuals who found the idea of phone/video sex uncomfortable. This could just be a me thing, but I wanted to ask and see if anybody else faced the same thing.

Two, I've realized that I can not think of the actual genitalia--penises, vagina--sexually. I can't look at them and think "sexy things." As a matter of fact, I can never look down at myself while masturbating without being turned off to an extent, and the one time my girlfriend masturbated in my presence, I felt very uncomfortable and not aroused in the slightest. I do get turned on by her. We've made out and touched, and she does sexually arouse me, so it's not a question of that. I just wondered if anyone else has this same problem.

Basically, is this normal for Demisexuality in any sense, or is this just me?


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Demisexuality: Is this normal or just me? Empty Re: Demisexuality: Is this normal or just me?

Post by Aisling Thu Oct 11, 2012 9:31 pm

Those are pretty typical of the ace spectrum in general, including demis, yes.

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