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Well hello there

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Well hello there Empty Well hello there

Post by SlippingStar Fri Aug 17, 2012 9:32 pm

I wandered over here from AVEN, being demi and all. Still active there, though!

Well I've always been demi, just wasn't aware of the word it. I was raised to be straight, due to my christian upbringing (atheist now), but I remember very early on showing signs of my demisexuality. I was 7 and having two of my "female" stuffed animals get married (I didn't have friends, okay? >.>). My dad walked in and I explained what was happening. He exploded about how it was "wrong" and against the bible. But I didn't get why. You married someone when you loved them and, in my mind, these two animals loved each other. What did it matter if they were girls? Later in life, my female friends would be ooooing and aaaaahing over an actor, but I didn't understand how they could find in attractive when they didn't know him. I found them nice-looking, but not "hot". Eventually I found myself attracted to a girl I knew very well. But I was confused. I didn't like her because she was a girl; I liked her for who she was. And I didn't have a sexual attraction, just romantic. Then I realized that I had experienced this before with a straight girl, so I wasn't aware it was anything other than strong friendship. I knew I'd experienced sexual attraction to a male partner of mine, but only after I knew him. He had repulsed me at first. I found I was not attracted to people because of their sex. One day I stumbled across the term "pansexuality," and thought it fit me. I posted a journal about it, and someone redirected me to the AVENwiki page on demisexuality. And THAT fit me perfectly! I wasn't very active in any communities about it until I started meeting more demisexual people and getting involved with non-hetero people, especially as I became more aware of the gay rights movement. I also hyperlink demisexuality to the AVENwiki article anytime I use it on a non-sexuality site, so I've helped a lot of people realize they were demi as well.

So hai thar. :3

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Well hello there Empty Re: Well hello there

Post by Aisling Sat Aug 18, 2012 2:59 pm

Welcome to the DG! It's lovely to meet you; we hope you enjoy your time here. Our apologies in advance for the rather slow activity on the site.

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