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Thoughts on current episodes

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Thoughts on current episodes Empty Thoughts on current episodes

Post by Adam Mon Sep 19, 2011 11:22 am

Well I thought I might as well start the first thread in this sub-forum, seeing as I have seen all of the 'new' Dr Who episodes. One of my friends thinks that the series isn't as "dark" as it used to be, but to be honest I don't mind, because first and foremost it is a children's programme, just one that geeky adults like to watch too. tongue Personally, I think the most recent episodes have been going more towards the fantasy/horror genre than sci-fi, which is a shame. (I'm thinking of the doll's house and the hotel episodes.) What do the rest of you think??
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Thoughts on current episodes Empty Re: Thoughts on current episodes

Post by Aisling Mon Sep 19, 2011 2:27 pm

I think, if anything, it's as dark, even darker, than when Tennant was playing.

Yeah, there has been more fantasy/horror... but there has been MUCH more exploration of the connotations of ending up on a different timeframe than somebody else (the quarantine, House controlling the TARDIS, etc.), and just how horrific that can be on the people involved. Never before did the series strongly study just how UGLY and dangerous time travel can be, on such a subjective scale.

With Tennant, the horror was on a more objective, global scale per episode: X enemy will destroy Earth/enslave everybody! Big dealz!

With Smith, the horror is deeply personal: Time itself, the medium of the Doctor's power and authority, is his enemy... and he can't do anything about it to save the people who rely on him.

Earth-danger is 'bigger', but personal danger is much darker and more emotional, by my standards, because it forces the Doctor to make much harder decisions. After all, weighing a person or group against the planet... not very hard.
Weighing a person against their spouse, and knowing that neither will forgive you if you favour them for rescue... pretty damn hard.

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