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Tea and Crumpets

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Tea and Crumpets Empty Tea and Crumpets

Post by ratherdrinktea Fri Sep 09, 2011 12:48 am

I guess I'll take advantage of this and just have some fun with it.

Today I had two tests (boo) and went to a club meeting that ended with a late dinner at a school hangout spot. I am currently putting off writing my professor to tell her that I can't be in class next friday because...well, I have no reason really. On another tab I'm looking at information for a powerpoint, next tab has the google document, next tab has pictures for it, next few tabs are all aven stuff, then gmail, facebook, tumblr...Chrome what would I do without you? I love you

I'm deciding not to post about aven here for the sole reason that if I do I will either be talking about how annoyed I am at certain members/threads/etc or I'll be talking about silly things. Either way it will get really old really fast and that's no fun Sad

I am excited about Ace Prom tomorrow not because I get to wear my polka dotted dress and dance to silly music but because if I wake up early enough I can watch Tangled...OMG *squee* flower cheers What a Face

In other news, I have an asexual meetup tomorrow and I am SO excited for this. I mean I finally get to meet some awesome people from AVEN (meetups don't count as non-aven stuff :p) and drink bubble tea. OMG I AM GOING TO EXPLODE WITH HAPPY!!! bounce bounce bounce

All I have to do is get through my class, finish my powerpoint, find time to do my laundry, and I'll be great for saturday ^_^
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