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Is there any studies about demisexuality ?

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Is there any studies about demisexuality ? Empty Is there any studies about demisexuality ?

Post by Halfling Sun Nov 09, 2014 6:00 am

My title isn't very clear but I was reading recently a book of sexual sociology, and it said that studies showed that most women were - due to education mostly - considering sex (their first time at least) as a "consequence" of a romantic relationship. I struggle to express what I mean here.. >< Well it kind of said that for most women, romantism came first, with feelings, tenderness and all, and then sex, sometimes more to please their partner than for themselves. That it was connected in this order for most of them, when on the contrary, men tend to consider sex as a primary thing, not always connected to feelings and more for (their own) pleasure than for their partner's. There were also studies showing than - not surprinsingly - most guys discovered sex by masturbation when most girls discovered sex by having their first sexual intercourse... (still education, youhou)...
Even if things for women tend to evolve to a bigger (not that hard to be bigger) sexual liberty and all, I was wondering where does demisexuality fit in all of that.
Well yeah, people in those studies would have been mosty heterosexuals, I guess, but I've got the idea, that there is a big majority of women here, am I wrong ? I'm not on other ace-demi-etc forums so I'm asking for your opinion on that.

Maybe I'm totally misguided, but the thing that bugs me is that I'm beginning to wonder if demisexuality can be tied to - partially - "educationnal" origins..? @_@ I mean, as girls are raised to get a certain view on sex and love, and relationships, well, could it explain why most demi are women ? (if that's the case, of course). What freaks me out is : would I be different if I was born a cisguy ?! I know I would be, but I believe it wouldn't have changed anything of my sexual/romantic orientation and all. But about the "demi" part.. what about that? I don't have the sensation of having been raised to fit a certain ideal of "good woman behaviour" kind of shit, faaaar from it. But I mean, it's clubbed in girls' brains since childhood by school, by medias, by society, by fairytales, by people around children, so.. It made me wondering...

I would appreciate your thoughts on this if it's ok with you.

ps : Just to be clear, I don't make any assumptions, I just wonder. My brain's gears are still turning, not stopped on a conclusion ^^


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