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Hello there :-)

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Hello there :-)  Empty Hello there :-)

Post by CoeliacChicakaMM Tue Sep 16, 2014 7:34 pm

I'm CoeliacChicakaMM :-) and I'm looking to meet people to chat with so I thought I would introduce myself :-D

I have a huge range of interests and love to learn, lately I've been reading up on different sexualities and found it fascinating!

I identify as demi sexual. I first heard this term online and wondered what it was so I looked jt up! It fits me perfectly!

When I was at school I met my first boyfriend and while we were together for two years we didn't really do more than kiss. The relationship had a lot of problems and I think it only lasted so long because I thought I had real love. I had a couple of terrible relationships after that where I did have sex (mainly because I was curious) but I really didn't like it, I didn't see the point.

I'm 21 now and have been in a relationship for two and half years now. My boyfriend and I first talked through Facebook even though we were at school together we didn't talk back then. After a week of non stop talking we met in person and it was love at first sight, when I looked at him I saw his personality written all over him (I also found out about making love instead of sex)

We've also realised he is demi sexual too, and when I talked to my mum about it she realised she is too haha.


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Hello there :-)  Empty Re: Hello there :-)

Post by Halfling Wed Sep 17, 2014 2:58 pm

Hi, welcome here Smile


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