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I'm back!!

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I'm back!! Empty I'm back!!

Post by Alowishes Fri Sep 12, 2014 8:16 pm

*Rises from the grave that is real life with arms outstretched* I LIIIIIIVE!! Very Happy

Hello, hello, to everyone both established and new to this town! I've come back from a near half-year absence, though I'm fairly quiet anyway. . . Suppose re-introductions are in order? Smile

*shuffles papers and clears throat* My name's Ali - I also answer to Al - I'm 23, I'm 80% sure I'm a genderfluid female and I live and breathe all things geeky, space/science, and art. I'm a huge Green Lantern: the Animated Series fan, long-time Batman and now Nightwing fan, fairly fresh Supes enthusiast, and I'm a sucker for Young Justice.

I don't get out as much as I would love to, and that's only because while I enjoy the peace and quiet of solitude at home, I prefer to have company when I'm out and about. After all, once you go hiking in Big Bear at midnight to watch a meteor shower when a mountain lion shows up to spoil the space party, you kind of learn the true value of the buddy system grade-school taught you while on field trips to museums where the lions were all simply stuffed.

I currently work in toy design and while the job sure can devour most of my time (hence, my extended absence), I enjoy every minute of it! I also do have a tumblr and instagram where I post my non-work-related pieces - mostly scribbles but sometimes there's a decent piece that pops up once in a while. Like today, I was playing with pinstriping and slapped this bad boy together:

Also - can winter never come soon enough?? It's hell here in SoCal, and this one itches for some snowboarding weather.

Anywho . . . hello, hello! I am not dead (yet) <3
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I'm back!! Empty Re: I'm back!!

Post by Halfling Sat Sep 13, 2014 3:10 am

Welcome back here Very Happy Quite an adventure you had in the mountain, hope it was worthing it and that you saw some shooting stars !


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