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Introduction -- And a little backstory

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Introduction -- And a little backstory Empty Introduction -- And a little backstory

Post by Miloticat Fri Jun 27, 2014 1:59 am

Hi everyone,

I'm so thankful to have found this forum, I'm looking forward to meeting the community and participating in some conversation. Smile

First, a little about myself: I'm a nineteen year old Canadian psychology student currently studying abroad in the American Midwest. In my spare time I love to cook, draw, obsess over my pet rabbit, and watch TV (if you're an X-Files fan we'll be fast friends.) I am a compassionate person and am hoping to get a license to work as a private therapist in the future.

Regarding my sexuality, I suppose I'm somewhat atypical (maybe not for this forum, but in general.) As a young girl growing up, I was often pressured by friends to share romantic feelings, which at the time I had never experienced. My inability to understand sexual and romantic desire alienated me from most of my close friends. Words like "hot" and "sexy" in reference to people made me anxious. It wasn't that I didn't find anyone attractive, it was more that I appreciated their appearance in the way I might appreciate Van Gogh's portfolio. The pieces were nice, but they didn't evoke any strong feelings in me whatsoever.

In high school, fellow classmates labelled me as "lesbian," a title that would reward me with years of bullying from homophobic teens. For a while I suspected it might be true, seeing as how I had no feelings for boys my age, but I realized that I had no attraction to females either.

I struggled with this for years until I watched a documentary on asexuality, a term which seemed to fit. Having a crush on a best friend at the time, I began to identify as a romantic asexual, a term I would use for years to come.

Recently, I met my boyfriend (straight cisgendered sexual) online. We started off as best friends, and for the first time in my life, I found myself completely invested in him emotionally. This was something I had never experienced, and after a year of chatting online, I visited him in person and was surprised to discover there was a slight sexual attraction there too. This was my first ever experience with sexual attraction in my life.
A friend pointed me towards the demisexuality wiki after I confided my confusion in her, and I'm glad to have found it. I feel like I finally understand myself. I am taking my relationship very slowly, as the emotional-romantic bond is extremely important to me. As of now I am still a virgin, and I intend on keeping things that way. My boyfriend has been very understanding.


So, that's me. Sorry for the tedious intro. I'm very friendly and looking for new acquaintances who understand me, so I'm welcome to communication. 
Don't be shy.

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Introduction -- And a little backstory Empty Re: Introduction -- And a little backstory

Post by Halfling Tue Jul 01, 2014 9:37 am

Hi and welcome here Smile Thank you for sharing your story!


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