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Am I demisexual or homosexual or...?

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Am I demisexual or homosexual or...? Empty Am I demisexual or homosexual or...?

Post by lemurgavel Sat May 24, 2014 11:49 am

Hey! My name's Mary, and I have absolutely no idea what's going on with my sexual orientation.
I have my romantic orientation all figured out; I'm panromantic.
But I have no idea if I am demisexual or homosexual or a mix of the two or what.
I never exactly feel any sexual attraction to anybody until I've gotten to know them. And even then, I don't really ever feel anything towards males besides romantic attraction. So, I only feel sexual attraction to females, and only once I've gotten to know them really well.

So, would that make me homosexual or demisexual or both?
And if both, what would that be called?

Thanks in advance! ^u^


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Am I demisexual or homosexual or...? Empty Re: Am I demisexual or homosexual or...?

Post by Halfling Sun May 25, 2014 6:33 am

Hi Mary, welcome here Smile
What you call it depends on how you feel about it. Only you can name and determine what's your sexual orientation, identity and all.
That being said, the way you present it, I would say it's both, demisexual isn't opposed to an attraction toward a particulate gender. You can be homo-demisexual, or demi-homosexual, depends which one relate to you the most (hum, should I say "depends which one you relate to the most" ? I'm not fluent in english sorry).

You describe being sexually attracted by females only (gender and/or biologically females, idk) but also you need to know them well before, so in this sexual orientation (sexual attraction toward females only) you are also describing yourself as demi.

Well, dunno how it sounds to you and what you feel about it. I'm not trying to tell you how you are, just offering words to help you verbalize it, but once again : you and only you decide what fit you best Smile


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