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Lims' little hub of blogging.

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Lims' little hub of blogging. Empty Lims' little hub of blogging.

Post by Lims Sun Dec 22, 2013 11:39 am

So hi all ^_^ Thought I'd my own little member bloggy thing here :3 The title refers to one of my many nicknames...A friend decided to call me Liam and I shortened it down to Lims a while ago :3

I am a demisexual, up until, maybe a year ago I had no idea demisexuality was a thing and honestly I was terrified that I may have been some freak due to  the fact that until rather recently I hadn't found anybody sexually attractive while all around I could hear people discussing Beyonce's thighs and other such things. My friend was the one who introduced the term to me and for the first time in my life I felt like I made sense Smile

I go to college and take A levels in media, english language and psychology, I enjoy my courses a lot and college is a wonderful place. I also attend an LGBT group every wednesday but I'm still yet to find another demisexual, which is why I joined up here. I wanted to find someone or a group of people I could relate to.

I have a lot of troubles at home, there's usually some sort of screaming match occuring and it brings me down a lot so I tend to draw over to anime and video games a lot in the name of escapism, which does quite well and as a result I am part of a great many fandoms Smile

I really don't know what else to write (And I'm aware what I have written is written terribly) so I'll leave it at that for now :)Til next time~

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