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New Here ^_^ So.. funny thing..

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New Here ^_^ So.. funny thing.. Empty New Here ^_^ So.. funny thing..

Post by Mink Fri Jun 28, 2013 2:44 am

Yes, funny thing.. I'm getting Married tomorrow!

But.. going through this whole bride-to-be thing has made me feel a little more out of place than usual.
Like, trying to explain to people that "hiring me a stripper" as a gift would be completely pointless.. a waste of money.
Nobody seems to understand and I tried to explain myself.. and now I've been made to feel like I'm not wired the same as everyone else.
I've always just known I'm not attracted to people randomly.. and figured most other people are that way.. I couldn't understand the whole point of a stripper but everyone else insists its awesome >_<.
I honestly actually find the majority of people forgettable - I do not retain faces of people I don't see on an almost every day basis or known for a long time (like an uncle I see a few times a year).

I am attracted to my Fiance, though my libido is pretty low most of the time lol.
But it went like this - I wasn't really into dating, I wasn't very interested in it til I was about 16 - 17, and thought I should give it a try seeing as all my peers had been dating for years.
Once I decided I *could* possibly date.. I had a handful of guys ask me out.. but it seemed like it wasn't right for no particular reason, I figured I was picky.
I said okay to one guy that seemed nice but after a few days of holding hands etc. he tried to kiss me and I was repulsed and broke it off.
When a friend called me and said another friend had a huge crush on me and wanted to ask me out but was chicken, they were asking on their behalf.. I told them I'd have to think about it.
I thought about / considered it for a day and decided to give it a shot.. we had a lot in common, could talk about nothing, he was always keeping me company when I was alone (the crush thing made so much sense once I was told!) Lol
I had to think if I could see myself being attracted to him and thought more towards yes.
We moved pretty slow, I was his first GF so that was great.
I became more and more attracted as we grew closer and the rest is history.. we've been together 11 years now.

He does have typical / normal jealous moments but... I just don't get it, he has nothing to worry about and I try to explain my complete lack of interest, absence of any kind of spark with anyone ever.

I was kinda attracted to my best friend in high school, we were very close and shared the same bed on sleep overs and everything.. but then she started sleeping around with any guy she could and I no longer existed to her.. it was pretty devastating.

I can say I have had moments of attraction to my now sorta best friend though its a rocky friendship, we can be inseparable for weeks - months and then she will drop off the face of the earth for weeks - months.
I was very devastated recently when she had a baby, her whole pregnancy we were always together.. and I figured the baby would just be another buddy.. but after it was born, she didn't answer any calls, txt, anything for about 6 weeks. Now she is back to work and wants to hang out more.. but I don't want to get too attached.. its difficult to choose between hanging with her and hanging with my fiance' now that we're about to be married.. She has made it clear recently she does not approve of him completely.. and that kinda makes me choose him over her a Lot more.

It seems the few people I do get close to.. I get very close to, and other people don't matter much.
There seems to be a HUGE distinction between.. a friend.. and Best Friend for me.
Then above all else there's my 'Soul Mate' whom I'm marrying. <3

I feel like I'm not the same as everyone else now.. If I meet someone I'm more interested in if they want to be my friend than anything... I have like Zero "horny" feelings towards 99% of people I come across. But my friends are always "oh he's cute.. oh, that guy I'd do.." I've never took much of as more than talk my whole life.. but apparently I was wrong..
It seems like *normal* people go around being attracted to lots of people in a sexual way.. which has been more brought to my attention with this whole stripper thing. >_<

So anyhow.. some poking around has led me here, sorry for being long-winded!
But I got a lot on my mind.. the whole Demi thing just seemed to click with me once I came across it. ^_^

Let me know your thoughts, though I will be camping the next few days.



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New Here ^_^ So.. funny thing.. Empty Re: New Here ^_^ So.. funny thing..

Post by Halfling Tue Jul 02, 2013 5:17 am

Congratulations for being married, now ^^ Hope it was great.

I always thought the same about strippers on bachelor(ette) parties. I don't see the point and I guess it could be nice seeing a "beautiful" body (if friends are able to find a stripper with what you would call a nice body !) but that's it. Well in fact, it would be better to have your fiance (now husband^^) stripping for you haha.

Now you can put words on your behaviour on relationships and sexual/romantic attraction, maybe it will be easier to explain it to your husband, don't you think ?


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New Here ^_^ So.. funny thing.. Empty Re: New Here ^_^ So.. funny thing..

Post by GiantRobot Sun Aug 04, 2013 11:31 am

I really relate with what you said! I got a lot of grief from my mother about me not being interested in dating, and I was also called picky.
I also have never understood the point of strippers. I mean, I find the female body quite beautiful so I thought I could sort of see how het men enjoy female strippers, but even then I was wrong, hahaha! A male stripper seems pointless to me. It's like "yes, you have a nice body. That's good for you I guess?". Like Halfling said, maybe it'd be better to have your fiance strip! Though I doubt you'd want it to happen in front of your friends!


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New Here ^_^ So.. funny thing.. Empty Re: New Here ^_^ So.. funny thing..

Post by Aisling Thu Aug 15, 2013 1:16 am

Welcome to the DG, and congratulations on your marriage!

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New Here ^_^ So.. funny thing.. Empty Re: New Here ^_^ So.. funny thing..

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