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Another Introduction!

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Another Introduction! Empty Another Introduction!

Post by floating suitcase Mon Aug 29, 2011 7:30 am

Hi there!

I'm Lucy, and it's nice to meet you all. Not really sure what to say in this, usually I just ramble about TV shows incoherently for a few lines before retreating to lurk.

I'm 19 - today, in fact! It is my birthday - and live in England. I'm female-bodied but identify as "apathetic" really: the general societal constructs of male and female have little application to me, and sometimes I wouldn't object to being male. I suppose I am 'genderfluid' rather than any specific gender. On the other hand I mostly present as female as it's easier for me. (Wardrobe, why must you be against me? I look so dapper in shirts, but own so few!)

My sexuality is kinda complicated for me. I am pansexual, insofar as I have never really allowed gender or sex or anything else to interfere with who I find attractive. On the other hand, I identify as demisexual as it takes a lot for me to become sexually attracted to/desirous of another person. It made my relationships incredibly difficult, as I only recently discovered what demisexuality is. (Thank you, tumblr! That is also how I found this site, actually. Demisexuality tumblr.)

I tend to identify as "pandemic" because it sounds amusing to me, though if anyone finds me using that offensive I won't. It's quicker than saying "pansexual-demisexual" or "pandemisexual", so I figure being flippant about my identity will suffice.

Hmm, what else. I'm ENFJ and 2w3, as it says on my profile! I study English and Creative Writing at a University in London... I'm a big lover of webcomics, and watch the new My Little Pony show a lot. I like superheroes and bright colours, I wear a lot of lace and am determined to start cosplaying. I spend a lot of my time playing videogames, preferably social ones. I'm pretty friendly, so feel free to chat to me - my skype name is on my profile, if anyone wants to add me there! Smile

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Another Introduction! Empty Re: Another Introduction!

Post by Aisling Mon Aug 29, 2011 1:20 pm

Welcome to the DG, Lucy!

Nice to see another 2w3 here; I'm INFJ (mentioned that in the welcome thread, I think). I'm also a fan of MLP, webcomics, and videogames, especially the pokemon games (if my current avatar does not indicate this well enough).

It's a pleasure to have you here at the DG; I don't know about anybody else, but I think "pandemic" is a delightful play on words, and it's your right to use it for yourself, since you coined it. Smile
I hope you enjoy your time at our forum.

EDIT: Also, happy birthday - because I forgot to say so the first time. Smile

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Another Introduction! Empty Re: Another Introduction!

Post by epochryphal Thu Sep 08, 2011 6:02 am

Happy birthday! Love the term "pandemic," I am all in favor of making one's identity friendly to improve one's own relationship with it. Gender apathetic is a lovely description as well; sounds maybe like genderless, but also perhaps different. And points for the word dapper, of course.
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Another Introduction! Empty Re: Another Introduction!

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