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And Suddenly Im Confused as Hell

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And Suddenly Im Confused as Hell Empty And Suddenly Im Confused as Hell

Post by Ally-wa Tue Oct 23, 2012 6:03 pm

So I was talking to my friend who went from Homosexual to Demisexual. According to him Demisexual is also very similar to being a Pansexual. The only difference is the sexual attraction rule.
Now I thought I was a Demisexual, although when he said this there were somethings that I personally don't see in myself. For one; I'm female. A am only attracted to the opposite gender. When I first walked into this I was under the impression that you could mix Demisexual with your current orientation. (Homo"sexual"-Demi, Hetero-Demi, Pan-Demi, etc, etc.)
So now comes the question as to can I mix the orientation? I have this "rule" down and thats just how I view the world. But I do know that I am Hetero.
It would be nice if I could get that answer along with "what it means to be demiseuxal" and examples of it.
Thank ya much.


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And Suddenly Im Confused as Hell Empty Re: And Suddenly Im Confused as Hell

Post by trina0214 Thu Sep 11, 2014 10:10 pm

Here what I understand about all of this:
Pansexual: a person doesn't have a gender preference. They maybe able to have an instant crush or feel sexually attracted to someone they only met once. Primary attraction!

Demisexual: they need to have a bond with that person first before they can be in romantic relationship and feel sexual attraction toward that particular person! Secondary attraction!

And yes you can be definitely a homo-demi, heterodemi, bidemi, pasiodemi, etc. Hope this help!

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And Suddenly Im Confused as Hell Empty Re: And Suddenly Im Confused as Hell

Post by Halfling Fri Sep 12, 2014 4:45 am

Yeah, being demi can be seen as a point on the quantative scale of "what do you need to feel sexually attracted by someone". If you don't need anything, just see someone you find "hot" to be able to feel sexual attraction (and could have sex with this person if it was asked to you for instance), well you're .. just "sexual" you know.
If you need to be in love first, or have a close bond idk to be able to feel sexual attraction toward this person, well you're demi.

But yes, as said by Trina, it can be mixed with primary orientation. You can be hetero-demi. You can even be hetero-romantic (can only be in a romance with someone of the opposite sex) and bisexual for instance (meaning you could have sex with girls but not fall in love with them or think about a life together).

What I don't know, is if some people can be hetero-demisexual AND homosexual. I mean (it's an example) a guy which could only feel sexual attraction toward girls he's in love with but could feel sexual attraction and have sex with guys even if he doesn't have a close bond or romantic attraction.
I guess it could exist, but at the same time it would be this person is demi without being demi (or sexual without being totally "sexual"). I'm sure the diversity of people can allow that, but I don't get how it would work in his mind. I mean, I can't imagine having sex with someone I don't know, so I don't see how it could differ depending on the gender. lol sorry, I went a bit far of the initial subject ^^'


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And Suddenly Im Confused as Hell Empty Re: And Suddenly Im Confused as Hell

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