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this has been an introduction ^.^

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this has been an introduction ^.^ Empty this has been an introduction ^.^

Post by sugar_and_ice Sat Oct 06, 2012 3:43 pm

Hey. Smile Nice to meet you all. I joined because I'm thinking I'm demisexual but I want to learn more about it. I first ran across the term over a year ago which researching asexuality and it clicked with me...but I was still a virgin so I figured maybe I would feel different after actually having sex and stuff. xD But I didn't. And then I ran across the term again just recently and I was like, yeah....this is probably me. I always develop awkward crushes on my friends. >.> And I can look at someone that I don't know (/don't know well) and be like "....yeah, they're" And everyone looks at me like I'm crazy. -.- I get grossed out easily during conversations of "what hot celebrity/singer/etc do you want to have sex with". But once I get to know someone really well (it has to go deeper than just friendship...I have to actually be able to trust them and open up to them which doesn't come naturally to me, so yeah...) then it's a bit different. But then, some descriptions of asexuality have clicked with me too, so I'm not really sure. (Although when I was originally researching asexuality it was while I was repressing my sexual orientation so my feelings about it at the time probably weren't too accurate.)

And to be honest, my sex drive and sexual desires and all things related vary so much that it was part of why I at one point thought I was bipolar, because that can cause dramatic fluctuation in your sex drive (hypersexuality can be a symptom of manic episodes, and decreased sex drive is a symptom of every form of depression I know of). In other words, I always thought of it as a symptom of something worse, not something that's a sexuality in its own right.

I'm hoping to learn more about myself by being here. Smile


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this has been an introduction ^.^ Empty Re: this has been an introduction ^.^

Post by Aisling Thu Oct 11, 2012 9:29 pm

Welcome to the DG! We hope this place will prove helpful to you as you work things out.

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