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Just a little help finding my path?

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Just a little help finding my path? Empty Just a little help finding my path?

Post by Ally-wa Sun Sep 16, 2012 11:18 pm

So very very recently I found out that there is a high possibility that I might be Demi, do keep it mind that I am also Hetero. There are a few things I need to just clarify? Or rather have someone else clarify them with me.

-Does Demisexuality ONLY take sexual interaction into play, or could it be relationships all in general? I personally have never liked a person unless I felt like I was friendly with them and knew them.
-I've always found it gross how a girl could just walk up to a random guy and start flirting with him and ask for his number, and bam they are dating. Is this normal for someone who is Demisexual?

Really thats all I need to know for the time being.

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Just a little help finding my path? Empty Re: Just a little help finding my path?

Post by unpolished_pearl Mon Sep 17, 2012 2:44 am

I think the term "demisexual" really only applies to the sexual attraction aspect of it... You can fall for whoever, but you won't be sexually attracted to them until you know them pretty well and have some kind of attachment to them. (More experienced posters, feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.)

Personally, I'm fairly ambivalent about gender. I prefer men for aesthetic reasons but I've found it just doesn't matter all that much to me. I could see myself falling in love with anyone.

And you're not alone; casual sex kind of grosses me out. That's not a judgment on anyone, it just turns my stomach to think of doing that sort of thing. I don't get it. And the first time I ever was sexually attracted to someone, it wasn't like I would have expected at all. He wasn't my "type", and we'd been friends for three years, so of course I was firmly planted in the "friend zone", but that's a long, depressing story for another day...

(Also, I hate to be "that person", but I think you mean "danke", as in "danke schoen". Not being mean, just, you know, FYI.)

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