question about demisexuality and aesthetic attraction

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question about demisexuality and aesthetic attraction

Post by shivamirage on Mon Nov 12, 2012 10:10 am

I don't know how I can be classified. When I am not in love,I feel aesthetic attraction towards other men.But when I fall in shuts down.I can't see attractiveness in any other men except my partner. Now I am married and I feel he's the only handsome man for me. And he says the same to me.He feels I am the only beautiful woman for him. He says he becomes like blind when he's truly in love.He thinks that it's because of the personality of a person.But I don't know why it happens. Is it something related to demisexuality or something like that?cause I asked about it on some forums and yahoo.answers etc and some people answered "I am feeling the same way and I am demisexual,maybe you and your husband,too."Or is there another name for that?Some says "true love","finding your soul mate" etc. It just bothers me that my husband is feeling the same way,cause I can't think of a man who doesn't find any other woman attractive but again when I talk about my doubts people tell me "What? Can't he feel this way because he owns a penis?" I don't know. I just want your replies.


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Re: question about demisexuality and aesthetic attraction

Post by Aisling on Sat Dec 01, 2012 7:34 pm

We only find our partner attractive, and he feels the same way toward us, but we do see aesthetic beauty in other people, regardless of gender... the same way a person might see aesthetic beauty in a tree, or an elegantly designed building or car, or a painting.

For us, those are simply two totally different categories of aesthetics. We would never think to kiss a tree or be intimate with a painting.

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